Digital Artist & VTuber (she/her)
I'm little bunny from Argentina
I love creating art, playing videogames, and all things pink and cute!

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Working with Uiritas has been great! I stumbled upon her work and knew it would be perfect for my OC. She has been wonderful, very communicative and kept me updated. I am very happy and delighted with the results of the YCHs and Chibis. They are so cute and pretty, and they have really made my day <3I think asking Uiritas for commissions is a pleasant experience because she has a friendly attitude towards customers, responds in a timely manner, and provides clear instructions on how to order.She works beautifully, shares the progress with you, and understands you well, besides, she is super kind and fast uwu. I am very satisfied with the final art, I honestly didn't think it would be so beautiful, I didn't imagine it like that uwu
♡ Commissioned Art ♡♡ Commissioned Art ♡♡ Private ♡
She're very kind and cordial and a pleasure to work with! I can't think of any thing in particular that would need improving honestly- I had no problems or qualms whatsoever! I am satisfied with the final art! It was done wonderfully and exactly how my character is portrayed! I would love to get more from her in the future.She was very nice and made the process of commissioning very easy. I am very happy with the result.
♡ Commissioned Art ♡♡ Commissioned Art ♡